Looking For Work (Game now recruiting)

In the Human Sphere there are two types of people. Those who believe in the Hyper-corporations and the Governments that sanction them and those who in their hour of need have been denied the help they desperately seek, lost in a sea of so many other requests.

Whether you are a struggling start-up being harassed by a splinter of Aleph trying to pilfer your latest designs of Isolinear Circuity. A up-and-coming Maya-starlet being stalked by a too attentive fan. Or a corporate executive looking for discrete assistance with a missing object, Mimir Solutions has got your back.

MIMIR SOLUTIONS. Your problem. Our Solution.

Hi all, for the last few months I’ve been running a couple of games of Infinity and things have been going along pretty well, the game centers the idea that people can fall through the cracks in the Human Sphere and need to see help for all sorts of reasons, in essence its a mercenary style game but it isn’t aimed at the War-Market, instead it is more a street-level game with the players being fixers and guns-for-hire.

Unfortunately one of my games has hit a bit of a rocky patch with real life getting in the way of a couple of players being able to regularly attend and so I am in need of adding another more consistent player to make sure things run smoothly.

The details are as follow…

When: 8:30pm AEST till 11pm on Saturday Nights (Weekly)
How: Roll20 for a digital game-table and Discord for Voice communications/ooc notes etc.

Thus far the game has been a little bit ridiculous, the players have helped to track down an industrial spy and are currently dealing with a group of terrorists on Concilium Prima who have ties to the JSA while being chased by a Cyborg-Ronin armed with some very expensive toys who in turn is after a (Not certified) Mad-Scientist they have chosen to protect.

If anyone is interested and might want to learn more, leave a comment in the thread below…

I would have loved to play infinity on a regular basis, but infortunately my Sunday afternoon (because of time difference) is usually dedicated to my childs or my friends. :frowning:

Are you sure you didn’t go the wrong way converting the time there Chronic, I listed the time in Aussie EST, about the only timezone ahead is in New Zealand (which one of the players is from) and a few other tiny islands, even being on say Samoa would put you only 3 hours ahead, everything else is trailing iirc.

Oh sorry I meant Saturday afternoon, I live in France and think you are 8 or nine hours ahead of us if I’m not mistaken.

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Yeah, I figured that was the most likely thing… otherwise you would have been somewhere around twice the difference to the moon to have a Timezone that equate to “Sunday”.

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Raith, have you considered posting in the Infinity Australia Facebook group. A Discord based RPG just go 4 players in an evening posting there.