GM Seeking Players

With the shiny new forum’s I thought I would start a thread for GM’s looking for players in the Human sphere… which by coincidence is something I’m doing…

So, here’s how I think this goes.

To GM’s looking to host…

If you are a GM and you are looking for players, post in this thread with a blurb about your game, the Time (and timezone) you want to play in and any contact information you wish and also identify if you are running a game via Online means or if you are looking for a face-to-face thing.

You will also want to note any specific House Rules you think are vital or other information players should be made aware of, such as if you want to see any interested parties ideas for characters etc.

To the Player’s looking for a game…

Players, should respond to a GM with a direct message or leave a brief reply identifying the game they are interested in. Try to keep it concise.

So in the interest of an example and cause I am hunting for 2 players here is my premise…

Time: Saturday Evenings, 8pm AUEST (Runtime ~3hours, Weekly)
Location: Online (Roll 20 and Discord)

INFINITY: Looking For Work
The Human Sphere. The name given to the collective regions of space conquered by mankind. It’s a place when nations have risen and fallen, corporations have become governments and technology is all pervasive except where it isn’t. Where once people dreamed of a united mankind exploring the stars there are factions and sub-factions making clandestine war against each other. For some they fight for religion, others to prove the superiority of their way of life, and yet more just fight for money.

The Sphere is a place where massive organisations manoeuvre against each other, vying for the upper hand, not just through force-of-arms they also want to win your hearts and minds as well, or at least open your wallets. Advertising is everywhere, the air is a new sea of Digital Chaos, fashions change with the literal blink of an eye and new trends appear every day. Life is fast and you had better keep up.

In all this, from the glittering spires of Acontecimento to the dank outer levels of the hulk of Bakunin people struggle. Sure, you might have all the food you can eat and maybe a roof over your head, but when the machine breaks down or something falls through the gaps, the people in charge don’t care. They have an Alien Invasion to stop or a run-away AI to put down.

That’s where we come in, we’re there for when you’re out of luck, we can find what is lost, hide what needs to disappear and fix whatever needs fixing. So, if you have a problem and no one else can help, contact us, we’re always Looking For Work.

– Cheap infomercial, broadcast across Maya

Premise: Where normally INFINITY assumes that any Character is a person of some importance to a faction or entity, someone who has tasked the character to join O12 (The Organisation of 12 Planets aka Space-UN) or another multi-national group, this game does not. Instead, it will focus is on the harsher side to life beneath all the glitz and glamour of the Human Sphere. Where one doesn’t have ready access to infinite resources, the ability to commandeer an interplanetary transport or call up for a Wet-Works team if a mission goes south.

Players will be the types to have fallen from grace, wannabe’s or people looking to remain out of the limelight, independent operators who have ditched the yoke of the Hyper-corps, governments and larger institutions either willingly or unwillingly but who have chosen to struggle against the rock bottom they find themselves up against by offering Grey Market services to whoever will pay. Part Mercenary, Detective, Kidnapper, Extortionist, the goal is to survive and make a profit, while possibly forging a new route back into power, or at the very least accumulating enough wealth and assets to survive whatever next crises threatens Humanity.

Additional Info: There will be a session 0 (and maybe session 0.5) prior to the start of the game to sort out characters and background etc, I find that weaving together the lifepath of all the characters works best for making a cohesive group.

As some info about myself, I have been GMing different games for a long time both via Online means and Offline, I have run games at conventions both pre-made and self-made and have even had a few things published. The games I tend to run are generally pretty relaxed, I don’t tend to kill characters, I’d rather mess with them instead and drive them crazy.

I’m looking for 2 more players who know how to have a good time, aren’t going to be absolute rules lawyers and who are willing to commit to a fairly long campaign.

If anyone is interested (or interested in telling me this thread is a waste of time) let me know.

  • Raith

I’d be interested in playing your campaign. Sounds about my speed and the timezone difference is no problem for me since I live in California.

Um, isnt the start time like 3am if you live in California?

That was a typo and I can’t seem to edit it right now. I meant to say even though. I can edit this post apparently though, aren’t betas great?

So, that’s a no then to joining in?

It’s still a yes. It’s a good time for me because of special circumstances at the house I’m living in and Sunday is always the least busy day for me so it wouldn’t matter if I slept for some of the day after finishing a 3 hour session.

Go to that link @Apocolyptia and you should be able to send me a direct message through Roll20, I will give you some other contact info such as my Discord through there.

so, uh, @Raith apparently I’m not authorized to go to that page. It’s been a long while since I used Roll20 and I’m not sure if there is a way for me to PM you except through the forums or the player directory. Alternatively, if you want to find me on the player directory, I’ll be under Other games and D&D 4E with the same name here, no bio, and an ugly angler fish avatar.

Stupid Roll20 permission system… must not have set it to public properly