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[Recruitment]: Small Co-op Game [CLOSED]

Per the title, looking for a small group (perhaps 2-3 total) for a trial run at the system by PbP.

Will be up-front in saying that I’d really only be interested in potentially sharing GM duties as I’m not experienced with Infinity. I’d like to use it as a learning experience so have listed this as a co-op - we could even run it experimentally, i.e. developing scenes between the group (with or without continuity), then running some scenarios in order to get our feet wet.

I am flexible in theme/setting - I’m happy with whatever, i.e. Bureau Noir investigation, mercs, street-level action, society intrigue, survival, exploration, pirates, traders. All good with me.

Any interest?


I’d be interested. It has been a whole since I ran some PbP games but I keep my hand in on tabletop.

I have experience as a GM (though not in Infinity despite going all in for the kickstarter) so would be happy to do some duties in that regard. With having kids to try and educate in a lock down I had been hesitating to put myself forward for full GM duties.

Am flexible on campaign style as well so will see if there is any other preferences.

I’m interested in trying Infinity, but I have no experience in PbP games, so I could only be a player. As for the setting, I know something about it - I backed the Kickstarted, but for lack of players only read a few books. Intrigue and Bureau Noir would be me first choices in theme, but I’d probably be interested in trying most of them.

Tentatively raises hand. Already got myself pretty committed to a lot of other PbP games (running 2, playing in 1) so still feeling it out if adding another is possible. I don’t exactly want to be a semi-GM and want to play more (never have gotten the chance for Infinity). I don’t mind giving pointers on rules, scenario/encounter building, setting info, or how to run the game as a PbP though. More being a guide but not getting into the usual muck of GMing I wouldn’t mind.

I have experience running Infinity as a PbP specifically. I’ve ran one game and currently in the middle of another over at the main Infinity forum.

Bureau Noir is the default way to play the game but I think maybe something more mono-focused might be nice for the GM and newer players to the system and setting. Maybe a street gang, organized crime, or one of the intelligence agencies. Running something like mini one shots or vignettes to dip a toe in but not get chucked into the deep end of the pool.

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This would give us 4 people. 2 as co-GM probably focusing on one-offs initially.

I am based in the UK so my times revolve around GMT. Not as big an issue with PbP but can cause some slow downs with combat I have found.

I’m in Portugal, so we share GMT.


Will open an out-of-character thread where we can brainstorm setting/theme/PCs.

@Solodice definitely understand the commitments; no worries if you need to drift in/out. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ll put a soft close on recruitment for now (wait list?) for those that may want in later.

I am interested myself and wouldn’t mind consideration once availability opens up, but I know very little about the Infinity universe as I’ve never played the wargame and only just started my own play-by-post campaign on Discord.

I’m happy to lurk if you don’t m8nd.

@MisterPlug, no worries and welcome to the thread(s)!

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Interested, but happy to be wait-listed.

I play in one of Solodice’s PBP games where I annoy him by finding weird and wonderful parts of the rules to bring into the game. :slight_smile: I also GM a weekly game on Discord, so would mostly be looking to play.

I’m in GMT +9, but am fairly active when I’m at home.