Character Help Needed

Greetings, everyone.

I’ve gotten myself into an embarrassing situation, and I hope the community can help me out. You see, during the course of my Bureau Noir game, the PCs have often heard references to another team of operatives. These operatives are something of a legend, though the truth behind their escapades may be greatly exaggerated. Now, the PCs want to establish themselves as the Big Men On Campus, so they want to identify these operatives, and upstage them. My problem is that I’m stuck for ideas on who these operatives are. I want to come up with characters who fit into the Infinity style, like the Aristos from Corvus Belli’s other game. Does anyone have any characters (or even work-in-progress concepts) that they’d be willing to share? I’m trying to avoid re-skinning Marvel’s Avengers for this.

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OK I’m gonna need some information about your game before forming idea. What style is it? Both gameplay wise and theme wise. Is it action heavy? Investigation? Social? A mix? I tend to devise situations first and then fill them with characters. What will be the degree of intensity of the confrontation? Will they be enemies? Competitors? If so how far will they likely go? Killing each others? Or simply compete for the same goal, taunting each others with wide grins when revealing they’d just out maneuvered your team in a clever fashion.
For example if they are true enemies and your game is action heavy they will be a team of combat specialists with each member being a master of one or two crafts, frightening but manageable when isolated from the rest of the group but outright deadly when grouped by covering each other weakness. It might become a game of hide and seek where your players must avoid facing them together (they might even be hunted) while trying to spread the group and striking swiftly.
Another idea is a team excelling at one type of warfare, like full info warriors, or have a gimmick, like being TO Camo users or using poisoned weaponry, or expert at using the environment as a weapon (placing explosives in advance to create traps, covers, diversions or escape routes).
Anyway if you can give us a few answers about your game I’m sure we’ll come up with ideas.