Infinity Warewolves

I know introducing myself with a looking for players request is kinda… presumptuous at best. However, I have been wanting to play Infinity since I saw Modiphius advertising for it, but have never had the chance until recently, and while I have three players, it’d be nice to have more.

In all of the chaos, the mercenary group of the Warewolves recruits from all corners of the Human Sphere. Specializing in surgical strikes, retrievals and sabotage, the Warewolves will leverage Warfare, Infowar, and Psywar to achieve their client’s objectives before going back home to kick back a beer. Infinity Warewolves is a Corvus Belli Infinity game that will be hold on Fridays at 8:30 PM Eastern. The game will be played via text (existing player choice) over roll20.

Fair warning of GM Style: I am a very narrative focused and hands-off GM. I will give you an objective and then let the players figure out how to reach it. I will not be giving a: Go here, kill 10 guys, walk out with the kidnapped child. I will tell you there is a kidnapped child on Neoterra, the group that hold him is called the Obsidian Spiders, and the lost known location… and then let the players figure it out. I will also not be the type that runs a combat session every game, so if you expect that, you might want to look elsewhere.

We currently have a Pan-O Knight turned Ariadna Claymore duelist, a Nomad Odalisque and a sniper medic. If anyone is interested, or know a better place to get players, please let me know.