How do TAGs work?

I can’t figure out if TAGs are operated remotely, like drones, if they are worn, like some kind of power armour, OR if it depends on specific models.

It actually depend on the TAG. PanOceanean and Aleph military TAGs are remote control drones, other factions tend to be exoarmor piloted by humans.

Thank you for clarifying that!

No problem, i suggest you to check corvus belli online store and look a the different TAG design, you’ll notice some of them actually have the pilot arms protruding from the chest, the TAG arms mimicking the movements of the pilot.

Ok, thanks, I’ll do that. Sometimes I get the feeling that some of the Infinity RPG corebook content was presented assuming that the reader either has played the board game or has access to all the sourcebooks. Probably a lot of the role playing gamers were familiar with Corvus Belli, but I wasn’t.

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One thing that confuses me, is can TAGs which are normally remote-piloted capable of being piloted with an actual pilot sitting in them?

For example, I know a Seraph is a remote-pilot TAG. Does it still have a cockpit? Is it capable of mounting a pilot? For example, in a situation where there was no safe place for the pilot to remote to the Seraph from?

The existing ones certainly don’t. What they do have is detachable little drones for accessing human scale areas. Not sure the RPG covered that aspect but it will certainly be in the TAG book when it comes out in a year or two. You could certainly create your own TAG that DOES work that way. It would be perfectly viable given the tech level of the setting.


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How would you go about organizing/running a TAG-oriented campaign?

I love the anime/manga/sci-fi/cyberpunk kitchen sink of this setting, and I love the system, but what I really want to do with it is create a military mecha campaign. Seems like TAGs haven’t gotten much love, yet, though! There are, what, 4 of them statted up officially? And few rules for modding/repairing/customizing them?

Where should I be looking for more info?

What have you done in your own campaigns with TAGs?

I haven’t had any PCs pilot TAGs yet, but I’ve tossed a Raicho TAG in as a Nemesis NPC. It was a lot of fun.

I’ll say this - if you really look at the miniatures game, a lot of the TAGs have similar stats. You can apply the same philosophy to the RPG. In my case, I used the same stats for the Raicho as were provided for the Guija Squadron TAG.

I’m very much looking forward to the TAG sourcebook, but sadly I think we have a long wait on that one.

There seem to be a few more TAGs in each of the faction-specific sourcebooks, so the numbers that are detailed are climbing slowly. And there is a TAG-specific supplement some way down the production line, so there should be more on them eventually.

Looks like I forgot that neither Nomad nor Ariadna (“We laugh at your TAGs!”) have TAGs in their sourcebooks, which leaves us with the following TAGs so far statted out in finished books so far:
Corebook - Gecko, Guijia
Haqqislam - Akrep
PanOceania - Cutter, Seraph, Squalos, Tikbalang

And, as @Murrdox mentions, although we get the Morat Raicho pilot in the adversaries section, we don’t actually get stats for the Raicho they get to cause havoc with (although using the Guijia stats in the meantime seems an entirely reasonable solution!)