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TAG weapons with both hands?

So I was wondering: since a TAG has four arms with the larger arms being used to wield weapons while the smaller arms are where the pilot’s arms fit into and allow them to control the larger arms, is it possible for a pilot to have weapons in both arms? For example, the TAG and the pilot are both holding assault rifles. Can a player fire both weapons on their turn or do they have to fire one or the other but not both at the same time? Is it even possible to do this anyhow?

of course, this could all be modified by the upcoming TAG book, but i think no. in the wargame, you are either the TAG or the dismounted pilot. should be the same for the rpg. a few of key passages:

core book pg 133

Hands: The vehicle has manipulators similar in
function to human hands. The pilot can make
attacks using melee or ranged weapons held in
the vehicle’s hands. They can also make unarmed
strikes with damage equal to its Impact rating.

Enclosed: The vehicle is completely enclosed,
protecting crew and passengers within. Crew and
passengers cannot be targeted by attacks from
outside the vehicle, but also cannot use their own
personal weaponry.

pg. 134

A single character can attempt
to simultaneously assume the
role of both Gunner and Pilot,
but their attack rolls and Pilot
tests are made at +1 difficulty

it’s not explicit, but by implication 1) you can only use the TAG’s big arms for fighting, 2) are inside and can’t be targeted inside but also can’t use personal weapons (pilot hands) to target outside, and 3) being pilot and shooting is a complicated task. trying to shoot two weapons at the same time should necessarily incur higher levels of difficulty. would be really cinematic in keeping with the game and system’s themes, but probably not intended by the designers to be allowable.

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I do hope the TAG sourcebook comes soon. But yeah that does make sense they you can’t use both sets of hands to use weapons with.