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How are multiple mounted weapons handled rules mechanically?

Some of the military vehicles in the core book and source books have mounted weapons listed in “multiples” like “Plasma Rifle x2” in the Morat Wakadat Air Superiority Aircraft.

How is this handled on the rules mechanics’ side?

Other vehicles have “Door Gun x2”, so that it is clear that they will have 2 door gunners firing each weapon separately.
But the fighter plane above is a single seater.

How is such a twin (or other multiple) mounted weapon handled?

(I was looking for clues by using full text search on the PDFs to no avail. I even searched through the Mutant Chronicles books, but nothing about this topic there, too, although even there are twin or higher multiple weapons listed for their vehicles.)

As there will be some vehicular combat happening soon in my current campaign, help would be very much appreciated.

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Some suggestions from the Discords were:

a) The twin weapon gets the discount to Swift Action Momentum spends like dual wielding. So only 1 Momentum instead of 2, but still at +1 Difficulty as usual for a Swift Action.
Problem: A coupled twin or quadruple weapon does fire at the very same time and at the very same target. Swift Action allows for different targets which does not model what a twin weapon is supposed to do.

b) The second weapon in a twin mounted weapon gives +1d20 just like an Assist.
Problem: that does not account for most of those weapons having Burst ratings, allowing to spend Reloads on them to gain additional dice in the first place. Having a twin MG with Burst 3 would allow to spend 3 Reloads for +3d20 on the attack roll anyway. But how about the second MG in the coupled twin MGs? Does that one also gets to spend 3 Reloads for an additional +3d20? Would that result in 2d20 (basic die roll for a Ballistic test) + 3d20 (3 Reloads MG#1) + 1d20 (“Assist” by MG#2) + 3d20 (3 Reloads MG#2) = 9d20 on an attack roll?

Both suggestions have their problems.

I would wish some official clarification for this type of coupled multiple mounted weapons, as this problem was presend in MC3 (without rules how to deal with it) and is still present in Infinity (with the most recent published vehicle stats including such multiple mounted weapons still without any explanation how to use them according to the combat rules).

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Any help? Please!

I am most certainly not the only person ever to use those vehicle mounted weapon stats.
Has anyone found a rules paragraph or other clarification how to deal with those multiple weapons?

looks like option A might be right, based on the gear in the mercs book. per page 63 (chapter 6):

As with an ordinary Additional Weapon Mount, this external upgrade turns an External hardpoint into a Weapons hardpoint, which must be operated by quantronic link (whether by a passenger, remote operator, or Geist), and can be disabled by Breaches to the vehicle’s network. Unlike conventional mounts, however, each akimbo turret mounts and fires a matched pair of smaller weapons instead of a single one, with the maximum weapon size determined by Scale. Rating 1 turrets can hold a pair of One-handed weapons, Rating 2 a pair of Two-handed or smaller, and Rating 3 Unwieldy, Mounted, or smaller. As with a character dual wielding weapons, this allows the vehicle’s gunner to use the Swift Action Momentum spend by paying only 1 Momentum, rather than the usual 2, so long as both Actions are ranged attacks with the akimbo turret’s mounted weapons against the same target – or target zone if the weapons have Area, Indiscriminate, or Torrent qualities.

personally, i’d prefer a version of option b, just give a free +1 burst (similar to how they do in the war game, rather than allow for 2x burst values), cap the total dice rolled at 6 for the test. seems like a simple way to give players the feel of dual combi rifles without getting bogged down in managing the momentum spends, targeting rules, etc., but that’s not what the book sez.


Thank you very much for your help! That clears things up from the rules-as-written side.
Now I know, and knowing is half the (tomorrow’s) session.

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Depending on the exact situation, it’s fairly easy to use the second weapon for an ‘Assist’ action with an onboard LAI. This would allow you to spend Reloads evenly across both weapons (where they’re tracked separately).

That will effectively give you B while preserving A to use where it makes sense (Gecko with 2 Combis being the obvious example).

It’s also worth noting that you can’t add more that +3d20 bonus dice to a roll. So you can’t spend 3 Reloads on the leader and 3 Reloads on the assistant for 9 dice: you can only get a maximum of +3d20 from all sources spilt across the leader and assistants (so a Leader + 1 Assistant maxes out at 6d20).