Heavy weapon - how many shots when there are two?

The question is connected to Battlemode rules question: Heavy weapons and "equipped" - #2 by Modiphius-Jon - lets assume that Securitron MKII has two heavies equipped (as per the above, he surely can), can he shoot both of these weapons in the same turn? I really didn’t see any rule that is saying that he can’t, but on the other hand there is the Sentry Bot which has the Stable perk which actually allows him to shoot from his both weapons at the same turn.
So, how is it really ? Can the Securitron MKII shoot from Minigun and Missile Launcher at the same turn (or two miniguns? - whatever the config is) - and if not, could You provide the rule that is objecting that?

EDIT: it’s in the errata that you’ve can’t fire two heavy weapons in the same turn: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0225/4035/files/fww_rules_of_play_errata_faq_card_versions_v5.0.pdf?v=1638212433

All the securitron heavy weapons are all slow-firing weapons, so you can only fire each weapon once per activation before it needs to reload (pg. 46 in the rulebook).

As for firing two big guns in the same round, that’s alwasy the way I’ve understood the rule but I honestly can’t find that in the book! Like you said, the sentry bot rule implies it but I can’t remember where it’s written.

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