Battlemode rules question: Heavy weapons and "equipped"

. . Battlemode rules question:

Pdf states you can PAY for 1 heavy weapon at 500. 2 at 750. 3 at 1000, etc. How do models that are equipped with heavies effect this? We’ve been playing models like the sentry bot bypass the rule as it’s required to take 2. But Mk 1 securitrons are required to take the heavy Gatling laser, so 1 per. It was mentioned tonight, you don’t pay for them, so they should bypass also. Benefit of running robots. I can’t find anything in the faq/errata. Looking for thoughts or a reference.

At present, equipped items are outside of the restrictions, but it will be good to hear feedback if that proves unbalancing.

Thank you. I’m sure we’ll see at least one robot list at the upcoming tournament. I will update!

It will be interesting to see how forces that sneak extras in (mainly robots) perform, so I look forward to your feedback.