Firing two slow-firing weapons in one activation

I’ve seen this question pop up a few times recently - can you fire two slow-firing weapons in one turn?

You can’t fire two heavy weapons in one activation (with exceptions like the sentry bot), but what about two slow firing weapons?

The example I’ve seen is the double barrel shotgun. Can a single model pay for 2 shotguns and make a single attack with each one in the same activation?

It’s a bit of an edge case to be sure, but I can’t find anything that would disalow this move but best to check.

I think its fine. I doubt it will come up that often and costs you two guns, so its paid for.

So, yes you can.

Oh man. Here come the dual-wielding double-barrel shotgun spam lists. :joy:

If it truly tears up the table, we can revisit of course.

Currently you can get two shots out of a Double Barrel with a good Blue roll, so you are essentially paying twice to guarantee/ignore the need for that.

I appreciate your comment was likely in jest, but wanted to respond with some context.

It was entirely in jest, I assure you.

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Huzzah! That’s what I assumed (hoped), but good to know it’s a stree-legal tactic! Thanks Jon!