Ship Weapon Questions

I’ve got a few questions concerning vehicle/ship weapons. Two can be considered a general questions, the other specific to an aircraft. I will use the Giraud Aerospace Raven (Bauhaus Corp book, pg 107) as the example for both.

  1. The Armament is Twin Wing-Mounted MG-90 HMGs dealing 2+6DS dmg. Does this mean each gun does this damage (hence rolling 4+12DS for damage) or is that dice roll the damage considered for both guns firing at the same time?

  2. Since the weapons are HMGs do we use Heavy Weapons or Gunnery Skill? I argued it’s Gunnery since they are mounted on the craft and part of a system. You’re not holding with the weapon in hand or using a tri-mount for it.

  3. Third question is specific to the Raven. It refers to Weapon Pylons for armaments. What does this mean? I can’t find any reference to it in the Bauhaus book or the Core book? Are these missiles (or rockets)?

While not official, my take is:

  1. Roll once to hit, two sets of separate damage rolls and soak. Effects are generated for each set, not stacked. The same applies for cars like the Luna PD cruiser, etc. it’s possible for one of multiple weapons to inflict damage and the other to merely be cosmetic and dent the paintwork…
  2. Gunnery - p.85. is definitely the one to use. Heavy weapons are for portable use (i.e. character, not vehicle).
  3. That’s likely an ommission but consider them as Hardpoints for missiles/rockets/fuel reloads/gear etc.