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Ship Damage & Roll20

So I am new to this system, going to be running my second game in a few hours and am planning on them doing some ship combat. I understand the majority of it, but I can’t figure it out how you figure out the damage you roll.

Security + Weapon Damage + Scale ?

I am using roll20, and that’s the only combination I can think of that matches the dice that are rolled. So for example Security 5 + Phasy Array 10 + Scale 5. So is that 20 dice rolled?

I am taking the example of a Jem’Hadar Attack ship and when I roll the damage it does : Disruptor Cannons 9 + Security 4 + Scale 3 = 16 dice rolled?

Is that right or is roll20 doing something wrong, should I modify the damage section of those ships?

Think I figured it out, I think the enemy ships the damage is already calculated so that’s why I was getting so many dice rolled for the damage. When I in putted the information from the book to roll20, it just added the Scale and Security on top of the number…

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Yes, with the sheets on Roll20, all you have to do is add the base damage number. The sheet auto-calculates the scale and Security and adds it to the base damage when you click the icon to roll. Same for main characters and support characters. It automatically adds Security to your base damage for the weapon.

Example: Constellation Class ship with Phaser Banks, Security of 3. Scale of 4.
(Scale) 4 + (Security) 3 + (Banks) 1 = 8 Total.

In the sheet, enter 1 into the weapon damage section, and when you hit the roll button, it will roll 8 challenge die.

Example for Main Character: Security 3, Type-2 Phaser or Unarmed Strike.
(Security) 3 + (Phaser) 3 = 6 total.
(Security) 3 + (Unarmed) 1 = 4 total.