Question about the Pregen / Starter Box

So out of caution I downloaded and ran the free quickstart PDF available through the website to test the waters and see if my players would enjoy this kind of thing. I am the only ■■■■■■■■ Star Trek fan of the bunch and knew I would be purchasing either way.

Looking at the pregens I noticed that the Andorian has their traditional Ushaan-tor listed as a weapon. The issue came from it being listed as a 6 Challenge dice weapon. At first I thought nothing of it, but then our security officer started killing the romulans with it quickly. Although he did get a lecture about peaceful resolutions and non-lethal approaches to combat it occurred to me the utter strength of that weapon.

Now when I purchased the starter box I noticed the same pregens were in it, not surprising in any way, but they also have this 6 Challenge dice weapon.

Now fast forward acouple days, looking at the Star Trek Adventures rulebook which had just arrived in the mail and noticed that the Ushaan-tor is a 2 challenge dice weapon…

Same question can be laid out for “unarmed strike” being 1 challenge in the equipment section but 5 on the security chief sheet.

The question is: What am I missing? Is there a reason for the damage increases?

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile: Till then I continue to scour the book in search for answers.

The base weapon damage is augmented by the characters Security score. Weapon Damage = Security score + base weapon damage.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: Do you have a page number I could reference in the core rule book?

Also, please remember tgat using a deadly weapon or weapon setting costs them threat. The GM gains 1 threat every time some one attacks to kill. (Not your NPCs of course.)

Page 178. The bulleted item “Damage Rating” under the “Types of Attack” heading.

For the sake of clarity, it is worth noting that NPCs will spend threat should they choose to attempt to kill.

Thank you Stephen.

Thank you both! It helps to know where in the book where it is so I can point at it if every needed.

Acouple other questions:

  1. Why is the Andorian blade not “Deadly”?

  2. Why is Dagger the only “Deadly” bladed weapon? Even the Bat’leth does not have this trait.

A unrelated to system note: My maps for my “Starter Box” do not match the maps in back of book? Is this a misprint or what… The map in my box is inverted compared to the book? I can post pictures if needed.

One can use a Bat’leth in a non-lethal way. Strike with the blunt side and it’s an incredibly effective club. Daggers are difficult as they are more of stabbing weapon but due to size I would imagine they are difficulty to. The Ushaan, might need to be for the same reasons daggers are. They do have the Vicious quality which can ramp up the damage with the right rolls. All deadly does is increase the difficulty of not inflicting a potentially life threatening injury on the target but it does not prevent it out right.

In addition using a weapon with the Deadly quality will add to threat if you do not choose to deal non-lethal damage.