Question regarding Task Difficulty and roll20 sheets

I want to preface this by saying I’m uber new at the 2d20 system in general

What page in the Rulebook do I go to read up on the default difficulty of tasks as stated on page 79? The book can be pretty confusing with things being all over the place. Also, does anybody know how the Dice roller works for the roll20 sheets? Task rolls are always 2 rolls and sometimes 3 if you buy but why is there 4 and 5?

And what’s the need of Challenge Dice since the damage is normally calculated in the weapons section? I thought it was only ever really used for damage.


You can buy up to 3 dice. So it is possible to role up to 5 d20. (core rule, page 80)
Challenge Dice have other uses, too. Cover for example is rolled with challenge dice.

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There are also some talents (e.g. Untapped Potential) that require the frequent use of Challenge Dice.

if you’re new, you may haven’t seen extended tasks yet, the fight for science and engineering division, with all types or dices and rolls. We may see you again on this forum.

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Thanks guys, I appreciate the help. The game’s kinda overwhelming to learn for a first time GM

Glad I could help. I am struggling with rules being all over the place all the time.