How many challenge dice needed?

I’m starting to get into playing f2f with STA. Typically, what’s the max number of challenge dice rolled? How many should I get?

Thanks for any info!

Probably 6-10 if you want to roll them all at once. Otherwise 4-6 should do you. Remember you can use regular d6s if you want.

Thanks for the information. 10 sounds doable.

My players have preferred to have 6d20, 10d6 (henceforth, dC for dice-challenge); the largest rolls can hit 12-15d6, but that’s not common.

The most common rolls are under 7dC base, but most characters have a 6 on certain extended tasks…

Ship combat, should they opt to dump everything, can have a ship weapon up to 10dC base plus (power-1)dC, plus 2dC from versatile, and 0-8dC from momentum…

My players, in an Intrepid, are often rolling 6-10dC, but peak this campaign to date was 15dC… phaser fire.

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Question: How have your players gotten 6d20? Everything I’ve seen is that 5d20 is the maximum for rolling Tasks, rerolling a d20 for talents aside.

Maybe 5d20 to roll plus 1d20 from the ship’s assist?

I always took the ship assist as counting against the “bonus” d20 allowed for a Task roll, leaving the player with only two bonus d20 open for “purchase”.

Assistance dice (including from the ship) don’t count towards that limit, as they’re rolled by someone else (they’re not part of your dice pool, they’re someone else’s die being rolled and the successes and complications added to your result).

You’re, of course, welcome to rule otherwise in your own games.


I was planning on buying 3 sets of the 4 challenge dice and two of each of the different division d20s. That should be enough, I suspect.

That makes a lot of sense and fits with the rule that aid dice only count towards successes if the Task Lead generates at least one success. Thank you. That makes the aid action much more valuable in those moments when things look “impossible”.

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My group, the player rolling the task is rolling a distinct colored die for the ship’s aid, rather than another player doing the aid die from the ship.

Whereas my group has always prefers handing the ship die to another player. It keeps the other players vested! And it also gives the medical officer something to do as they’re rarely on the bridge :slight_smile:


Our Doc tends to hang out on the bridge… at Science 2. The ship is an Emergency Response vessel.