Rerolling Re-Rolls?

So, this came up last night. The Captain uses Direct to have a Supporting Character of another player roll a Task. The Captain assists in the roll with Command, and she has Advisor. That means the character being assisted may re-roll one d20.

The Supporting Character has Cautious (Engineering), and spent a Momentum to get a total of 3 dice to roll. Cautious allows the re-roll of a single d20.

She rolls 9, 9, and 17. Two successes.

She declares she is using one of the re-rolls on the 17. She rolls a 20, a Complication!

Can she now use the other re-roll on the 20? In other words, are the re-rolls bankable and usable until exhausted, or player is satisfied? Or are you prohibited from re-rolling a re-roll?


Nope. When you reroll, no matter how many you get from any number of sources, you choose how many dice you reroll and then roll them again. You can’t reroll a reroll, and to the best of my knowledge you only get to reroll a dice pool once.


That was my thought. Thanks!