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Quick RUles Mechanics Question for a Dev/Community-Consensus

When a player is allowed to reroll a dice pool by paying Determination, et al… does the player select the dice to reroll or does he reroll the entire dice pool and have to accept those results? Anyone see a clear answer from the rules book (Core or Klingon)?

I haven’t looked through the books but based on what I have seen on Clear Skies and Shield of Tomorrow, it seems that the rerolls are of the dice that the person wants to reroll.

To add to that, since paying for something with determination is to be a benefit to the player, I would think it would be counterproductive to require a reroll of all the dice. That would effectively mitigate, if not completely cancel, the purchased advantage as it would potentially erase the good results from the original roll. After all, there is no guarantee that a reroll of all dice is going to be any better than the previous roll and could conceivably be worse.

As others have pointed out in other threads, the way that Star Trek Adventures is designed is to have the game slanted in favor of the ship crews so as to make them appear to be just as sharp and exceptional in their jobs as those we have seen on screen, succeeding more often than not. As such, I am sure that the rules regarding rerolls are designed to further that premise.

I believe the sidebar on page 74 of the Starfleet core rulebook / page 73 of the Klingon core answers your question. “Re-roll” is called out in the index of each book as well.

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So the specific questions here relate to:

  1. Moment of Inspiration determination spend:
    This one talks about “All the characters dice in their dice pool”, as opposed to momentum spends that state “any number of dice…”

  2. Andorian, Ushaan Tor Talent (melee pool reroll)
    This one is less specifically worded just referencing the dice pool.

This is as opposed to simpler single rerolls such as bold/cautious, or similarly the Aim minor action.

Edit after checking the sidebar:
The sidebar seems to suggest that in all cases, the number of dice highlighted should be considered the maximum amount that you can re-roll. Guess that answers those questions

Sidebar is pretty clear… thanks.

To summarize the last (extended run-on) sentence in the side bar, You can reroll up to a maximal number of dice (the total dice pool), but “you (player) may ALWAYS choose NOT to re-roll a die if you wish to keep that result.”

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