Talents that can be used when assisting

I’m looking for all the talents that can be used on an assist die to ignore a complication or get a re-roll.
For the moment I have found:

  • Technical Expertise (computer, sensors assist)
  • Parent Figure (Denobulan)
  • Meticulous (maybe)
  • Procedural Compliance (maybe)
  • neural interface (but the talent is terrible mechanically)
  • Voice of Authority (not rolling counts, 2 threat is a lot)
  • Hands on pilot (not rolling counts, some pilot actions)
  • Maximized Efficiency (Jye, sadly delta quadrant and not federation )
  • R’uustai(Klingon) limited to your sworn friend
  • Chief of staff (medicine )
  • nomadic heritage (Monan)(maybe? positioning navigation, delta quadrant)
  • replicating past success(Paradan, gamma quadrant), maybe, science
  • Role : head of the engineering, Médical or Security with their staff advantage, can ignore complication.
    Did I missed something?
    Did you disagree with my “maybe” choices ?

Are you looking for talents that affect the assist die specifically? I ask because Advisor, for example (Core pg 136), allows 1 of the *main* roll’s dice to be re-rolled.

Additionally, there are several talents that award a bonus momentum that could theoretically be used to avoid a complication.

Yep the assist die specifically. Especially if you’re not the one doing the task. There’s many talents to re-roll die on the main roll. But of course my planned advisor will take Advisor

The bynar on continuing mission.
The wording of the unpaired talent, may or may not apply to the assist die

And you can more easily than any other race convince your GM to give you access to the jye maximize efficiency talent