How many Combat Dice is optimal?

I know this has to have been asked before. But my google-fu is weak.

If I were to purchase the custom Combat Dice for Conan 2d20, how many would be the optimal amount? What’s about the maximum number of Combat Dice that will be rolled? What’s about the average number of CD that are normally rolled on a player’s turn?

That sort of thing.

Thanks for putting up with my question!

I would purchase 2 sets, if I could.

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No problem. Good to know.


8d6 to 12d6

The hit location dice are the best so you don’t have to consult the chart. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the answers! I’m got the 5 d20s, 1 Location Die and 12 CD sitting in the Modiphius cart just waiting for COVID-19 to free its ghastly grip on the throat of the world.

(Did that last part sound Conan-ish? Heh.)

Well, I have 13 d20s, 1 hit location die and 22 CD from the Conan: Player’s Dice set, the Helium Dice Set from the John Carter of Mars Kickstarter, the Thark Dice Set, the Zodanga Dice Set and the Star Trek Adventures Starter Set.

Oh, yah. I got a bunch also for STA. But I’m liking having (or soon having) different dice sets for the different 2d20 games. While Dishonored doesn’t use CD (or I don’t think so. I haven’t finished reading it), I’m hoping they’ll come out with custom d20s!

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Hoard as much as possible. I love Conan 2d20’s dice.