Are you have plans for full dice set?

Hi there!
The dices are now sold in one pack, which contains 2d20, hit location, and 4 SD. To cover 90 percent of needs, you need to have 4-5 d20, 1 hit location and ~14-16 SD. But for this I need to buy 3 basic sets, where I get 1 extra d20, 2 extra hit location dice and still not enough SD.

Maybe you have plans to make a new all-necessary set with 5d20, 1 hit location and 16-18 SD? Let it cost as much as 3 basic sets, but not have extra dice, while at the same time it will cover 95% of the needs of even the most hardc0rе munchkins.

Please, comment here if you agree or disagree with my request.
Share your stories, how many SD do you throw most often? what is your maximum? how often does this happen?

I think it’s just a cost thing. Two d20, a location die, and 4 damage dice is at a fair enough price. Five d20, a location die, and 10 damage dice might give some players sticker shock. Frugal players will stick with the single set and just reuse the same dice, while those who can afford it will just buy 2 and deal with an extra location die.

For my group, we just ended up with 5 sets between us and just pass dice over if a player doesn’t have enough.