A dicey question


Loving the Vampire dice! (N yes, I already know one does not need em to play V5 - normal dice would do), but since I haven’t been able to run it yet, was wondering how many of them is a comfortable number to play with.

Thanks fellow Cainites!

It should be noted that you don’t need to run the game with the specialist dice - it can be done with normal D10s.

That said, I’ve bought a box of Vampire Dice, and I think you could probably get by with two boxes for a table - but I’d put them into the centre of the table in bowls, and players could dip into them as they need.

I would agree, two packs shared around the table should be comfortable.

I have three, but for my last session I shared one set between myself and two other players with no problems. My two other players had their own dice. I had most of mine out, just didn’t need to touch the other piles.