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VTM Fantasy grounds

Hi, is anyone planing on creating a fantasy grounds campaign, now that VTM has been released on steam?

I am wondering how good the FG rules to is for this, anyone own it to give us a review?

It is the v5 rule set, and the tools are there to make a campaign. Official modules like fall of London are in the works, but until then…some assembly required.

Overall I much prefer Fantasy Grounds over Roll 20 for other campaign settings, so I am glad to see this getting off the ground.


Here are some screenshots of the fantasy grounds interface I purchased this week:

The following are tabs of a blank character sheet. You add the appropriate dots, just like an online sheet and can make rolls based on attributes and skills you select for the roll.

To populate the sheet you can use the tables that come with it (V5 rule-set) or you can add your own home-brew tables. Simple drag them onto your character sheet and edit as necessary.

It comes with a few images and battle-maps, but if your familiar with Fantasy Grounds you can populate this section with your own maps and images.

Combine this with Discord and you can invite people from anywhere in the world to your setting.


Thanks, I think I will be buying FG now. :slight_smile:

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Wow… Looks great. Does the dice roller reflect the new vampire dice by any chance?

It uses v5 d10 system…select the attributes and roll.

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So can you have the dice show the ankh symbol for instance? Does it reflect the blood dice symbols as well?

It does indeed!

AWESOME!.. I think I may pick it up this week :slight_smile:

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Has there been any mention of when we will see the other books added to FG?

Well I guess I’m not going to have much of a choice, so I better start asking questions.

How does role-play work with this?
Is this a text only system?
Do you have to use a second program to talk to and see your players?

I apologise for being a complete newbie when it comes to online games. But I just don’t see how it works, without being able to see your players. :confused:

I’m in the same situation but I’m using Astral because the professional version is free through April. I have still to figure out how we can roll the dice using Vampire’s rules ^^

In the example campaign there was an Exalted character sheet, you may be able to extrapolate the formula from that.

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So I went ahead and got fantasy Grounds Classic, with Vampire the Masquerade. It’s actually very easy to use, and everything from the core book is already input into the game. The storyteller can set roll difficulty before the roll, and the system tells you the appropriate result. Even gives you margin of success. Not too shabby…

The only downside is the lack of VoIP. So I set up discord to handle that part.


We use Discord for voice. Everyone logs into FG for the visuals and the dice rolling. It’s just like being at the table except everybody is in a separate room but still interacting as if they’re in the same room.

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Loving the Fantasy Grounds Ruleset hoping they keep adding to it.

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I couldn’t agree more. Everything that you could possibly need, is simply a click away. It’s so easy to reference everything in game, it actually feels like we are being spoiled a bit. LOL

Not to mention how easy it is to add information to the game; whether it be additional clans, SPCs, weapons, rituals, etc… It just seems to make my job, as storyteller, that much easier.

Aestetically speaking, it is gorgeous. The best looking ruleset that I’ve seen on Fantasy Grounds. I simply cannot wait to see the full line incorporated into Fantasy Grounds!!!


I am hoping we will see W5 as well and hopefully we will see some crossover possibilities. not sure about that one but I can dream.


I share that dream Red!

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