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Combat dice in Foundry VTT?

I’m in the process of moving to Foundry rather than Roll20 and wondering if anyone knows how to model combat dice?

In roll20 I did a table with the results possible on the combat die (1,2,0,0, Effect, Effect) and had it so people could select how many dice to roll and then it would roll X times on the table. Nice and easy.

While I’ve done the table in Foundry and it works well, there doesn’t seem to be an option to say “roll on this table X times” so my players need to hit the macro for the table multiple times. I mean it works well enough but it could be more elegant. It’s basically the difference between someone who only has 1d6 and someone who has 8d6 for a fireball in D&D.

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I suggest to try asking around in Foundry’s Discord server:

Also wondering if someone have made mod/addons for 2d20 games (ex MC3) for FoundryVTT

There’s a game system for STA and Dishonored. A Conan game system is in the works as well as another STA system.

is there anyone who has the combat-dice sides/face as png or jpg?