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Is there a Discord 2d20 dice bot?

Can’t seem to find one. Would be amazing if there was, especially when it comes to the combat/challenge dice.

not sure for discord but I know a few of the games are nicely supported through ROLL20 which I’m slowly going through the Tutorial on

I usually use Sidekick for my dice rolling on Discord … but I’ve not tried to run 2d20 through it. I’ll have a look at the mechanism to see whether there’s a syntax combination that would work.
Someone built a dice bot that worked with the custom dice for FFG’s Star Wars Edge of Empire, and 2d20’s are simpler than that, so fingers crossed.
(You’d also have to specify whether you’re using MC3/Infinity dice or Conan/etc dice, given the mechanic change.)

Conan onwards.

I set up a pair of macros using the Discord bot DiceParser to roll 2d20. It uses the format "!<# dice>t<target #>f. Example: “!2t11f2” to roll 2d20 against a target of 11 with a focus of 2. The focus is optional. Since this is for Dishonored, I don’t have a d6 macro though setting up a separate d6 macro or expanding my macro to include d6s in the same command/macro call is definitely possible.

These macros must be added to the bot in the same order that they appear here or you will get errors when you roll. The first macro is for rolls with a focus, the second is for macros without a focus. After adding the bot to your server, paste each line, one at a time, into discord.

!macro ([0-9]?[0-9]+)t([0-9]?[0-9])f([0-9]) \1d20s;$1c[<=\2];$1c1;$1c20;$1c[<=\3];$2+$5;"Successes = [$6], Complications: $4, Total Results: [@3]" 1

!macro ([0-9]?[0-9]+)t([0-9]?[0-9]) \1d20s;$1c[<=\2];$1c1;$1c20;$1c[=1];$2+$5*2;"Successes = [$6], Complications: $4, Total Results: [@3]" 1

Edited: Corrected quotes as forum was using smart quotes which the bot didn’t like.


The Lyinggod answer Is the best for years to come :wink:
But I Just add that, in Extreme Need, Just roll as It goes and read the results with dice parser or other bots, I did It and that’s fine. XD

The above macros though… Gonna check 'em out soon. :slight_smile:

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If the macros doesn’t work after you paste, be sure to edit the ditto marks ("), seeing as the forums uses a slightly different formatting than what is accepted by the bot.

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Nice work, @Lyinggod! Thanks!

This has been corrected in the my message (I hope)


Hmm…what bot is being used here? And for which app?

Oh, never mind. Doesn’t look like a 2d20 bot. There’s no reason to add the numbers on the dice together.

Oh, and they were using Fantasy Grounds, I think.

Okay, I’m trying to get the macro to work, but I’m having some trouble with it showing up as Invalid macro subcommand.

What is meant by editing the smartquotes? I’ve tried just replacing the things after pasting, but I’m not really getting anywhere with it.

I’m not on a time crunch, but I’m simply ignorant as to how to make it function.

Cracked it! Took a few tries, a bit of tidying up the code, and ultimately a bit of help from a pro, but it works!

Just like Lyinggod’s instructions, copy the first code, enter, then the second and enter. Make sure any old versions are cleared out first! Uses the same format, e.g. “!2t11f2” to roll 2d20 against target 11 focus 2. Macro 2 uses same format without the focus. I don’t know how to post it all cool like Lyinggod did, so you might need to copypasta to something as plain text to get it to work.

Macro 1
!macro add ([0-9]+)t([0-9]+)f([0-9]+) "\1d20sl;$1c[<=\2|<=\3];$1c20;“Successes: $2\nComplications: $3\nTotal Results: @1"” True

Macro 2
!macro add ([0-9]+)t([0-9]+) "\1d20sl;$1c[<=\2|=1];$1c20;“Successes: $2\nComplications: $3\nTotal Results: @1"” True

Counts number of successes, complications, and gives all numbers rolled.

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THANK YOU. I was beating my head for 2 hours last night against this. I needed to really squint but looks like I too was bitten by smart quotes - I could get a basic thing going but could NOT get the output formatted, kept getting errors.

My own contribution is a little less elegant but also incorporates adjustments to the complication range:

!macro add D([0-9]+)T([0-9]+)F([0-9]+)C([0-9]+) "\1d20sl;$1c[<=\2]+$1c[<=\3];$1c[>=\4];\"Success: $2\nComplications: $3\nRoll Results: @1\"" True

Format for the user: !DXTYFZCQ where X = # 20s to roll, Y = target number, Z = Focus number (use a 1 if no focus, so that the standard crit is covered), and Q is the lower bound for a complication (use a 20 most of the time). Output matches same format as the original in previous post.

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