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Looking for a place to look for 2d20 groups

Does any one know of a place to post LFG requests for 2d20 games/grops. I have tried reddit and FB LFG groups/subreddits but repeated postings have had no responses of any kind.

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What kind of a game are you looking for, in terms of IP and format? I had two Chat-based Conan games in Discord fizzle out. I adore the game, but I can’t get my home group (which has moved its D&D game to Discord) into it—yet? (I’m working on it!)

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I’ll add my name to people in the same situation. @Gebir took the words out of my mouth. I’ve GMed a few one-offs with my D&D buddies and even though everyone had a great time, I can’t get more than a couple interested in a full campaign. I’ll probably never get to enjoy the game as a player… maybe we should just form a group? :laughing:

I can also add that in addition to the sites you list, I’ve also checked Roll20. No action there either.


I am looking for any live play, voice chat group, genre/setting/IP doesnt matter, even homebrew (ie High Fantasy). I would prefer a regular meeting group, even if it plays 2d20 game(s) in rotation with other games.

I have tried Roll20 but I have only had my shingle up there for about a week, but no response even when indicating interest in a number of other games (Genesys, Cypher, Fate, 2d20, plus some others). It probably didn’t help that I specifically said “no games based on D&D” :exploding_head:.

I have a group that plays FFGs Star Wars that moved to discord but the GM treats it like a D&D game (railroading). I ran FFGs Genesys (Starfinder-esque setting) for a few of the players from that group but it was player driven and they preferred the railroading so it fell apart.

I would be up for forming a group though in fairness, I haven’t had the opportunity to play a 2d20 game, though I have (read most of) Conan HC and will get the PDFs for anything else. I am most intrigued by Conan, Infinity, and Dishonoured.

Well, Conan is my current, all consuming passion. What if I invited the two of you into my Discord server and we compared schedules there? I run a weekly D&D game already, so I don’t know how much additional time I’m willing to commit, but Conan 2d20 is the best, so I’ll commit to something.

Am I right in guessing that we are three rules-savvy people, all of us GMs? Conan seems to me like a great game for rotating GMs, perhaps rotating from adventure to adventure.

I just wrote this today (in part) in an attempt to convince my D&Ders to try out Conan.

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I’d definitely be interested in joining a game. As long as the time fits my schedule, it’s something I would want to commit to. Conan 2d.20 is my current favourite RPG.

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Sounds good to me. Am I a GM, yes but for the last few years it has been FFGs Star Wars and Genesys (I feel almost that same about Genesys as you do about Conan). I have read mostly through the core Conan rulebook (when it first came out) and have Dishonoured and Infinity but have only skimmed them so far. I don’t mind the idea of rotating GMs.

As for your players, you might have a better chance if it was more high fantasy just because such a setting more closely resembles the “world” of D&D. Unfortunately, Conan is not high fantasy.

Read your linked post. The write up seems to be based on mostly specific mechanics. If your players are all about the mechanics than this is fine. If not, you might find it better to describe it from a more generalized higher level perspective. Since I lack significant familiarity with 2d20, I will provide the (hopefully) brief description I use to contrast D&D and Genesys. The same guy designed the core mechanics for 2d20 and Genesys so there are a lot of similar things between them.

When compared to D&D, Genesys has baked into it a number of great options that allow players to be more in control of the game and their characters. In D&D, the GM has ultimate say on what is, regardless if it makes sense. The core of Genesys allows players to have the ability to change the narrative/canon of the story, to introduce “facts” into the game relating to whatever situation they are in. Genesys has a “Success/Fail+And/but” dice mechanic were nothing within reason is impossible (just incredibly hard to perform). The allows for characters to fail but still gain some (perhaps unrelated) beneficial outcome or succeed with (perhaps unrelated) detrimental outcome. These “and/buts” are frequent and applied in the moment as determined by the player and the dice. In D&D, you only have whats on your character sheet, and that’s it or the GM says exactly what happening and thats it. In Genesys, if you forgot something (ie your lockpicks) or want to introduce a “fact” where dice are not used, “fate” points can be flipped (by GMs and Players) to add extra complications or minor benefit such as a “I remember, I did buy replacement lockpicks” (or the GM flipping a point and declaring they broke during use). In Genesys, Characters advance in dynamic ways, not limited to a few critical levels that allow you chose 5 feats over over 20 levels. Ultimately, this is a game designed to give characters more options then just being railroaded through adventures or along specific predetermined rigid class/level advancement

I would usually give an example of the “and/but” mechanic and how a player could be affected or make choises based on the 4 possible outcomes. Also, my face to face pitch is generally not so eloquent :thinking:

This example doesn’t talk in terms of specific mechanics but in terms of benefits to the characters since I don’t want to scare them away from the mechanics before they have to opportunity to actually be “hands on with them”.

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Great user name. I am a big fan of the novels but 185+ books is a lot of reading :woozy_face:

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Thanks. Don’t have much of a choice, because my last name actually is Savage. I sort of have to use it.

But on a serious note, I think it would be REALLY easy to adapt the John Carter 2d.20 rules to create a Doc Savage game, should Modiphius ever think of such a thing?

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Thanks for the advice! I do think I need to address the thematic and tonal differences soon, but I veered away from that to try to settle the contention that states that you can do “anything” you want with D&D, and that “all” game system mechanics can be reduced to succeeding at a target number. If we get a game going, I’ll discontinue this argument anyway. I’d much rather game with the converted than preach to the indifferent.

Incidentally, years ago I ran a ten-session “trilogy” of adventures for young gamers passionate about SW and FFG’s iteration of the rpg. I had a great time, but I’m afraid I’d go back to my grognardy WEG version, were I to run SW again. It didn’t feel or play like “my” SW, and I expect that’s because its universe has Expanded so much since my day, and I haven’t kept up. When I ran FFG, I had to establish that, for me as GM, the only thing reliably “canon” was the original trilogy.

One could mine pretty heavily from Actung Cthulhu for a pulp game since pulp is frequently just a tweaked version of our own and not created from scratch like Infinity. Also a “universal” 2d20 book would be great, should it ever manifest. A unified ruleset for coming up with ones own (or borrowing) settings would be nice instead of having to wait for a specific IP or genre book. Both the Hero System and GURPS eventually went this direction, unified rules to do “everything” and then genre and IP books to use the rules in specific ways, Savage World and Genesys (and Gurps to a lesser degree) had unified base rules and then supplements to add more rules to the core. Modiphius unfortunately keeps making significant tweaks to the rules (or so it seems) with every publication.


I am aware of the fallacy that “anything” can be done in D&D. I have found that its better to just make the pitch and if they don’t bite than I don’t beat the over the head. Unfortunately, you have to try to get people to “sample the merchandise” before they will potentially become the converted.

The star wars games that I run tend to pull from the first three movies too. If a player pulls some idea from other star wars sources, it may or may not be included. My games tended to have more of an “Edge of the Empire” meets “Firefly” then holding tight to canon.


I’ve thoroughly digested only Conan, and I’ve looked over John Carter (and some Mutant Chronicles). What I noticed is, yes, as you say, for each the core system has been significantly retooled in service to emulating a particular property.

With this in mind, I think Modiphius would do well to continue in this manner. Though I would dive onto a Basic Momentum System with which to help me with DIY systems. Like others on these forums, I see amazing possibilities for this system as applied to such genres as supers and The Last Airbender.

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So I guess the only thing left to do is figure out if we can make a group work (and muse further about a Basic Momentum System).

Yep. When I get to a screen larger than my phone, I’ll see if I can PM you all. If not, I’ll post a Discord invitation here.

Alright, I can’t figure out how to PM, so I’ll just put this here.

Please forgive all the real estate lying around. There are two defunct games in here. We’ll discuss what we want to do in [hashtag] game.

Yes and yes. I also think it’s perfect for one-offs and rotating groups.

I’ll be sure to check you out on Discord. I can probably bring at least one other player in with me.

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I feel you man, a year ago I tried to run MC 3 and put out a LFG everywhere I could think of and I only got one person from the forums here to play with me and the randoms I got from Roll20 after making it public only lasted for like 1 or 2 sessions and that really killed it for me. I’ve tried again a few days ago to try and get players from here in the Modiphius forum to regularly help for playtesting mostly minor houserules and major homebrews for MC 3 and helping me playtest a Judge Dredd 2D20 homebrew from pretty much the ground up, but so far I only have one person from here that’s responded.

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I have been looking for a group of DMs who will rotate!! Fantastic to see someone else has the same idea!