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Looking for a place to look for 2d20 groups

Has the invite been cancelled? Link isn’t working for me.

They expire after a day. Get in quick! We’re generating characters and are scheduled for next Sunday!

I’ve been doing Conan, Infinity, and Mutant Chronicles on Discord for 5 weeks, plus an adaptation of Hellboy using 2d20. Mostly play-by-post whenever people can. The Conan game gets scheduled, but everything else advances as people can.

Most of the games only have 2 players, but Conan has 4. I think 3 is the best size for that format. I worry open invites would overload the games, so I haven’t done that here. But I’m willing to be proven wrong.

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Would love to join an Infinity PbP.

Im interested in trying to join a Conan game, just discovered it so I’d be a new player to it, but definitely interested in trying to play. having a lot of trouble trying to find any groups online that play it.

Here’s an active link to our Conan group that (mostly) assembled here. Hopefully you can join us.

Man, I’m late to this party. The short story is I am a kickstarter backer who just got my books in wave 3. I’m new to 2d20 and would love to join a group as a means to better get a handle on the rules so that I can run my own game in the future. (Long time DM) Are you guys still playing? Do you have room for another?

If you are looking for groups of not only Conan, but all other 2d20-based RPGs, this Discord server might help:

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Hey folks, I’m looking to bring a Conan game together. I’ve seen some posts here that express difficulty w/ finding a community for this thing, but, fwiw, here I am. I can play or GM, looking for Fri/Sat game, EST, using Discord + other VTT. 3+ ppl = game on