New Player: Where to go to meet more of the community?

New player jumping in with both feet. I have tried looking for a local offline group but have not had a lot of luck. Is there an online community for this system and setting beyond these forums? I’m trying to figure out the best places to look for a group.


I know there are groups that play on roll 20 for sure.

More of the community will show up here over time. We used to have a pretty active group on G+, but with it’s demise we have scattered a little.

The other social media place if you use it, is Facebook.
Conan Gaming Group

Hope this help! Welcome!

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We also have group over on the MeWe Platform as well.

But I think over time, more will show up here. But I run games fairly often online and always looking for players.

Send me a msg via my blog and I can hook you up with details to my discord.

(this will go to anyone else if they are interested)


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