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Looking for Conan players

I’m looking to boot up a Conan campaign and I figured this would be the right place. It would run every other week, roughly 7-11 est. We’ve been doing Thursdays but any weekday would work

i might be interested, but i think it would be hard to join you on thurstady. that time would be arround 3 am for me. weekend would be better for me

Also interested, but the only weekend night I can manage is Sunday night, as that would be Monday morning in my time zone. Can make other weeknights, with my preferences being Tuesday or Thursday.

Hey there! Just wanted to give this one a bump. Have you tried looking for interested players on other forums too perhaps?

Or take a look at the #conan channel here:

Thanks. If anyone is still interested let me know and I’ll add you to our dedicated Discord channel. We’re going to play Thursday evening 7pm eastern standard time and we have 4 people already so room for one more

At that time I already have another long-running campaign going on.
Currently I only have free slots on Friday and Saturday night.

Ugh. Scheduling is so difficult. If your schedule loosens up let me know. We do have 4 confirmed players already

Sweet! :slightly_smiling_face: Still waiting btw for the invite to your Discord, Mtitolo.

Working on an invite. One sec there’s the invite

Did it work?

Yeah that did the trick, thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve missed this conversation by a few months but the short story is I am a kickstarter backer who just got my books in wave 3. I’m new to 2d20 and would love to join a group as a means to better get a handle on the rules so that I can run my own game in the future. (Long time DM) Are you guys still playing? The time you mentioned would actually work well for me. Is it only on Discord or do you use something else like Roll20?

I use Roll20 as diceroller and for handouts and maps (not for character sheets, those are kept in Google Drive).
Shortly we will add (or maybe later switch) to Foundry VTT.
Sadly, the official Conan adaptation for Fantasy Grounds is not in a recommendable state.

Usually we use videochat (Hangouts, Jitsi, Whereby), as audio only chat (Discord) lacks the facial expression that make online gaming at least a little bit closer to gaming at the table at home.

For group organisation, though, Discord is a rather productive platform, I find. You might want to look a the 2d20 GMing Discord in the #Conan channel.

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I run weekly one shots with the crowd from Fantasy Grounds College, check the weekly calendar for anyone interested in wanting to play. After this weekend, the game is getting moved to Sunday, to allow others to play.