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LFG Conan | EU times | Bi-weekly or less frequent

I am looking for a group to start playing Conan with. Have the books since the beginning and every new book gets bought on day one.
You could consider me a fanboi. :wink:

Of all the hero’s I know Conan has made the most lasting impression on my younger me (Arnie is just cool!) and I was overjoyed to see Modi doing Conan!

I have been actively DM-ing for a D&D group, however, so I haven’t been able to do much with my Conan books yet, but now its time I start playing in my favorite fantasy setting.

Hopefully I can find a group here, or otherwise get pointers where to look.

I have just turned 40, friendly guy who values group effort, not shy of strong content or offensive themes as long as it serves the story and people respect it as such.
I am located in the Western EU timezone and have a preference for playing in the mornings as its easiest to accomodate for me.

At what timezone are you looking for a game, and a which time exactly (you wrote “in the mornings”, which perhaps would be more ideal for joining a game at Pacific (PDT) timezone, less so at Central European timezone (CEST))?

I have found new groups via those Discord servers: