Looking for a Game...I hope this ok

I have been looking to get into a game for a while since I new to the system. I backed the kickstarter so I have a ton of material but have never been able to get into a con game to play. Those games fill up to fast and there never seem to be enough of them. Is there a living campaign? Something like Pathfinder Society or something like that? I have been looking on Warhorn and Roll20 but nothing ever comes up. Does anyone else have any better ideas?

Looking for a one shot or maybe a longer campaign if possible.



I run weekly one shots for a group called https://fantasygroundscollege.net. In order to play, all one needs to have is a free demo version of Fantasy Grounds - Unity. But if you are ever looking for a game, feel free to sign up to the college website, and then drop over to the calendar and look for my games.

Do not worry if you do not know how to use Fantasy Grounds, as that is the other part of it. I teach people how to use it.


You may find some luck if you join 2d20 on Discord. Go to #players-looking-fer-group. In fact, recently there have been some folks looking to get some Conan going specifically.

Edit: Actually, go to #gms-looking-for-players

Cool I went over and registered…looks like there is nothing scheduled past this week. I will keep checking back in

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That just due to the fact I didn’t post it yet. It should be posted up tomorrow when they approve it.

Just to follow up… There are two games posted for this weekend. So if anyone wants to learn how to use Fantasy Grounds and also play Conan… check it out!

Great to see so many games available. If only I was in a more convenient time zone!

Which timezone are you in? I’m in CET (UTC+1).

GMT+2 which I think is UTC+2.

In the 2d20 GMing Discord server (link was posted above) you might find other players and GMs at UTC+2 (and similar) timezones for some online Conan 2d20 game.

Hey Jolly I could make last weekend…it was a holiday here in the states. But I will be watching for go forward games. How do characters work? Do you provide them or can I use the site to create one?

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I allow players to make their own characters if they want, with one stipulation. They can only use material from the core book as the official FG ruleset can only handle the first book.

Also, I have been running my conan games for 5 weeks straight, so I am going to change up the schedule, so watch the calendar for updates.

I know I’m very late to this party, but I am attempting to start a server on Discord specifically for Conan 2d20 fans to be able to meet, talk, and look for games and other like minded players :slight_smile:
Here is the link if anyone wants to find a server to call home, or if anyone is interested in turning this (so far) 1 man workshop into a thriving Conan community!