Join me for a One Shot on Fantasy Grounds!

Beginners Game to Fantasy Grounds and Conan

Conan RPG: Ages Undreamed Of

This event is designed for new players or people just wanting to dabble with the 2D20 system or see the power of MoreCore and Fantasy Grounds combined!

Game run by Jolly GM UTC -3.5

Hi all,

For those who have been wondering what playing Conan 2D20 would be like on Fantasy Grounds, I am hosting demonstration games here on the FGC website. Starting Dec 16th, I plan on doing a weekly one shot adventure for anyone who is wishing to try out the Conan: Adventures of an Age Undreamed of RPG.

So, I am going to be calling this One Shot Session Series. “Ages Undreamed Of” Going Forwards. So if you see the title, its an open invite to a fun fast game of 2D20 Conan.

This game requires NO experience, and I will take newcomers and veterans alike!

I host games with the ultimate license, so ANYONE can join in on my games for free!! All you need is the free Demo version! So, even if you are not into this game, but know someone who is, feel free to point them in this direction!! Here is the links to the [Fantasy Grounds Software](

Now, here is the fun bit I am adding! Come sign up and use a pregen all ready to kick butt and take names or make your own PC and use it in my One Shot. (if you do that, and you play again in another session… your character can grow and get XP) But if they die, they are out!

My Pregens are a little different, if you play in one session, and live, and if you play in the very next session you get the option of 1st pick on that same character before other players. Allowing you to grow the Pregen how you want, but if the pregen dies… its game over for that pre gen, never to be used again! (choosing that same character is always optional)

Kinda think of it as playing Diablo 3 in ■■■■■■■■ mode.

Feel free to join my discord, and ask any questions you may like!

Check out our first session here!