Game Play Screenshot on Fantasy Grounds

So, this week I ran my 3rd straight introductory game of Conan with the crowd from Fantasy Grounds College, and 3rd straight weekend we all had a lot of fun running amok in RE Howards Hyboria.

I am running a series of 1 game per weekend for a month for new players to both Conan, and also to Fantasy Grounds at an introductory level. So next week is my last game of that series. And that game, people are already booked for it! Such fun!

Sad thing, I forgot to take pictures of the games the last two of weeks, but I didn’t forget tonight. Here is a screen shot of that adventure.


Using images from the comics is great idea. I love when other GMs showcase how they run a game so I can can continue to improve this wonderful craft!!! Keep it up! I hope I can join you again next year, if the official FG ruleset ever gets updated in playable state. :slight_smile: