Join Me. December 9th: Online Game

To help with Fantasy Grounds collage, I was asked to host a game for them using their calendar system. So going forward I will be hosting one shot games for them. To help them obtain their goals in getting users interacting on their website. So if anyone here is interested in playing some “just for fun” Conan games please check out the link below. Also, it will be required to sign up through this link provided below.

If you are new to Fantasy Grounds, or have never used it before. No worries. Just download the free demo version from the Fantasy Grounds website, join my discord channel for the chat and you are in… EZPZ :slight_smile:

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Still any room for this? Link’s 404’ed.


Shoot… I never saw any notification to your reply! I run a online beginner game every sunday on fantasy grounds. Maybe next time.

Sorry… :frowning:

Here is a screen shot from the event