I've just gone all in

I have succumbed to temptation after reading various reviews and watching youtube vids. My own ‘Starter Bundle’ - Core, PG, Screen, dice, Horrors, Barbarian sourcebook and Pirate Sourcebook… should keep me occupied during lockdown.

No doubt I’ll be back to look for How do players do (insert action)? or How would you handle (insert problem)? … Oh, how I wish we’d had forums back in 1986 :joy:


Welcome to the club :slight_smile:

Yeah, welcome. This game is a whole lot of cool.

It’s totally my “holy grail” of gaming. It provides all the tools. The narrative seamlessly hums along. It’s exciting and visceral!

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I wish we had em in 1980 myself!


I’m going to be honest though, I have no idea when I’ll get around to running it as I’m running an FFG EoTE small homebrew campaign which is now on hold due to the current situation.

I know what I’ll do… I’ll just keep buying the books until I catch up with current releases. BEST. IDEA. EVER!

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I started in January, and I have almost everything for Conan, Infinity, and Mutant Chronicles now. As much as I love the system, I continue to be pleased how well the system fits the settings they choose.

I haven’t enjoyed roleplaying this much in 20 years.


Welcome to the pack, sword dog.

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You could try getting a virtual game off the ground, maybe post some GM seeking players announcements… right heah, by Crom!

yes, welcome, by Crom!

The Fantasy Grounds version should (hopefully) be out soon… My crew are ready and rarin’ to play ourselves (from West to East Coast)…

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I’ve only recently really gotten into the Conan 2d20 stuff and that was driven quite a lot by the news that a Fantasy Grounds ruleset is on the horizon.

All current books owned or on their way in the post… I’m looking sideways at JCoM too tbh… is it easily compatible with Conan? I had an idea for a crossover campaign.

I’m almost certain that Modiphius has some kind of conversion guide between Conan and JCOM… My Google-fu is failing me though right now…

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We had our first but very brief session of Conan on FG last night. I had played previously but this was my first time running it. Other than the dice links being currently broken (something broke when they did the last update but I’m certain it will be fixed soon), it went well enough for a first session where none of the players knew the rules that well. It was more of a tutorial and intro to the world / system so we didn’t really dive into it yet… So not exactly a humdinger of a game session but I saw something that made me really happy: a hunger to play and dive into it… And these guys are Old School (emphasis on Old considering the average age was probably twice that of any of you reading this) so the appeal of being a player and being able to narrate and bargain with the dice rolls and the mechanics rang really strong in them…

I like to hear of fellow old dog brothers learning new tricks. Keep it up. There are a couple free rpg day adventures that will help you learn the rules as well.

I’m so pleased with your success!

I’m gaming Conan 2d20 online now, with people who are specifically interested in the game, so my situation has changed. My first foray was with two in-persons from my home group.

One knew and was interested in the system, but he’s polygamerous, and he kept confusing and conflating 2d20 with other systems.

The other gamer was old school, and he affected not being able to understand the rules at all. In general, I feel like 2d20’s sheer amount of resources available to players is a bit overwhelming, and traditional gamers make recourse to simply rolling 2d20 every time (which, of course, is not the best way to play the game).

You’re probably a good teacher of the system!

I am old school - and proud LOL. I started with Basic D&D/red box when I was about 14… Took a break of 6/7 years when my school GM at 17 left the area and started again with OWoD Vampire/Werewolf/Mage/Wraith ran those for a few years… took a break of about 10 years, picked up again with PFRPG and have been playing ever since, FFG Star Wars, d6 Star Wars,ermm 5E Curse of Strahd. FFG board games too.

My excuse to learn new systems is to stave off dementia, I’ve bought most of the Conan stuff and just purchased JCoM Core, the 3 dice sets and a GM screen… probably buy the Player’s guide and the John Carter Era sourcebooks.

Yep, I remember the DnD red box very well. RPGs have come a looooong way since then and this one in particular is a blast! Loving it so far but I can’t seem to win over my group to its merits. So I’m thinking of running a FG game with a new group :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway, welcome aboard bro!