Conan RPG Series Complete!

If you missed it at the time, we ran a five-session long Conan story on over the last month or so.

The whole thing is now available to catch up on at - here’s a playlist with all five episodes!

Let us know what you think, and if we were to do more Conan what you’d want to see in it!



Thank you for uploading on YouTube as well! :slight_smile: Twitch is such ■■■■■■ place to organize videos or channel (or search).

I hope I will find time to watch and see how others run Conan, might get some fresh ideas on running my games!

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Hiyas, by Mitra!

Youtube is chock full of content, from the very first drafts up to the latest stuff!

Crom be praised, though he probably is ambivalent. :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting this. Will hopefully get time to watch the sessions.
Interested to see how others play.


I’m 45 minutes into the first session, already made me laugh out loud.

I’ll be listening to the rest. :slight_smile:

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We’re running Conan on my podcast right now, releasing episodes every 10 days. RPG Logic available on iTunes and Libsyn.

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Is there a sorcerer in the group? I’d like to hear how spells are cast and such.

Yes we have a Sorcerer, kind of. He’s cast spells once or twice, but enemy sorcerers have also cast spells.

So I’m listening to the very first episode and I have a question. At about 13 minutes, Katya’s character gets hit for 1 damage and the GM makes her roll cover soak dice for her armor, she’s not carrying a shield to my understanding. Is that really the way armor is supposed to work?! I thought armor provided a fixed amount of damage reduction.

There appear to be quite a few rules flubs in the video game. The Scribe talent adds 1 momentum if you get under your Focus (just before 29 minutes).

Couple of questions for @Modiphius-Lloyd by the sounds of it… He’s on holiday at the moment, but should be back next week…


Armor is a fixed number of soak not a roll.

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Yep I flubbed quite a bit, but it’s mostly because Iwas still trying to update myself for the rules (after a while it feels like all the 2d20 systems blend into one in my head).

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I totally understand that. I did like how you brought up new rules gradually, start with the basics, add in a new detail every so often as the players got comfortable with the rules. Good scaffolding. :slight_smile: