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Roll20 Integration

Making this topic thread to give any updates/info on running Fallout 2d20 TTRPG in Roll20 site.

Currently as of this date there is no Fallout 2d20 character sheet template made available by the roll20 folk.

There is someone that is working on making a custom character sheet template for this game, but you would need to be a Roll20 Pro user to use custom templates.
There are some macros that someone suggested that can help with making combat rolls and skill rolls.

I hope Roll20 adds a supported Fallout 2d20 TTRPG character sheet for use, so that all Roll20 users can easily play Fallout in it.

Here is the roll20 topic discussion:

Feel free to add updates or more Roll20 integration comments to this topic.

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I’m crossing my fingers for Foundry VTT.

Here is a d20 macro that asks you to input the crit chance (so 1’s or your Tagged Skill value). It marks crit fails in red and crit successes in green. I set this one up as a second d20 macro for tagged skills (so I don’t have to enter the crit value each time.
/roll ?{Number of Dice|2}d20s<?{variable target number|1}cf20cs<?{1 or Tagged Skill Value|1}

If you’d just want the fails and crit 1’ to be colored, you can use this (no extra input needed at the time of rolling):
/roll ?{Number of Dice|2}d20s<?{variable target number|1}cf20cs1

I don’t know how to get it to count crits as successes, but maybe folks will find these useful all the same. Right now I have it sorting the dice rolls so it’s easier to scan for for a number range.