A new vision for charactersheet for Roll20

"Hello! I’m Patrick Leo, and in my free time, besides working as a freelancer, I dedicate myself to the creation and development of character sheets for RPGs, with a special focus on Roll20.

Recently, I started mastering a Fallout RPG campaign for a group of friends. It has been a fun experience, although we have our discussions about how some specific rules work. However, every time I open the character sheet, I feel a tinge of sadness. It does not evoke the memories of the Fallout game that marked me the most, Fallout 3. That’s when I got the idea: why not develop my own version for Fallout? Considering that I’ve implemented several of my own rules in my campaign, this customized sheet is already prepared to accommodate them, which is a bonus, even for those who play the more traditional version of the game.

I am working on a complete redesign of the Fallout 2d20 character sheet on Roll20, seeking a visual style more aligned with the universe of the games, with automations and interactive tips that make life easier for both the GM and the players. Of course, all of this while planning to use the entire Fallout RPG Compendium available on Roll20.

My project aims to create something ‘ideal’, and here I present my initial concepts. Additionally, I have already started the necessary research to implement the desired automations. However, as this process is quite time-consuming, I cannot afford to pause my other freelance work. Therefore, in addition to presenting the concept of the sheet and seeking feedback or suggestions for automation, I am open to possible sponsorships. Any financial contribution would be welcome, and to give you an idea, the price I charge, with all the suggested functionalities, would be between $680.00 and $1170.00.

This new character sheet will include:

  • A design with strong visual appeal, including life bars and animations for feedback.
  • The inclusion of detailed illustrations, such as images of the Perks and the Skills, in addition to new exclusive options for the sheet, like the use of VATs for creatures (when using a kind of Libra, Final Fantasy) thrown in the Chat.
  • The ability to filter or hide unnecessary fields at the moment, improving the gaming experience.
  • New sections for warnings/alerts and a more intuitive overall organization.
  • Enhanced controls for the management of Wounds, Effects, Drugs, and more.
  • Dedicated areas for Combat Actions and quick access to rules and information.
  • Spaces for notes on Magazines, creatures, allies, and locations, directly on the sheet with options to insert illustrations and other kinds of “tags.”
  • A special sheet for the group, facilitating the sharing of items and information (including the above).
  • An advanced ammunition system for various weapons and the inclusion of random tables on the sheet.
  • An illustrated level-up process separated by level, with details on Perks and character development for progression.
  • Customized sheets for NPCs, with illustrations (member area) inspired by the games.
  • Icon and symbols stylized for weapons, equipment, and other elements of the Fallout universe.
  • Exclusive sectors for the creation of weapons, armors, and recipes, with visual appeals and automation. Similar to what they did with Weapon Mods, but “better.”
  • Responsive design to adapt to mobile phones without many problems.
  • Initially DARK design, but with a light version and the ability to switch colors to a monochromatic version.

I hope this project sparks the interest of the community, and I am eager for any form of support or suggestions. For now, I am posting here, which is the “cradle” of the game, but as the concept becomes more elaborate and the other sectors that do not yet exist are created, I will somewhat wait for “support” to continue.

If you are interested in discussing this or other character sheets for Roll20 (and creating them), you can contact me on Fiverr (pktome)."

Note, the concept is still being developed.