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Custom Fallout 2d20 Character Sheet

Hey guys, i’m really excited to play Fallout RPG. I’m a brazilian fan of RPGs in general, Fallout is one of my favorite settings, i really hope we got a release here in Brazil, until then, i’m working on my minis, my combat dice set, props and stuffs to play in my YT channel.

Aaaaand… custom Character Sheet! Check it out!

and you can download it too! and, yes, is fillable :smiley:

Vault Boy: Fallout_RPG_CS_VaultBoy
Pipboy 2000: Fallout_RPG_CS_Pipboy2000

maybe i’ll do more thing :smiley: maybe Perk Cards…?

See ya :smiley:


welcome to the Forum BrSlather - the CS sheets are awesome!

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Welcome. Some awesome stuff you’ve made there :slight_smile:

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I love the sheets that will really bring it to life thanks

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Thanks :smiley: i can help myself hehehe i did a lot of stuffs hehehe

Thanks dude :smiley:

Thanks :smiley: i got too much excited hehehe i love to do this stuff heheh

You should share this on our discord.

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Nice. i’ll right now :smiley:

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I love that you’ve made different styles of character sheet.

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Anyone make a Printer Friendly version? when I search for one I only get all the homebrews for other systems or ones with lots of pictures I don’t need.

Wow. Looks amazing :smiley::ok_hand:
Thanks for shareing.

Could you send me new invite? I’ve tried to register, but link already expired

This should work Fallout 2d20 Community Server

Thank you Sir

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Thank you for your work! Would love to see that perk cards