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Fillable Character sheet

Me again.

Trying to understand the fillable character sheet PDF. It seems to expect you to drag and drop an archetype card onto it, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do that. But without that, there doesn’t seem any way to properly fill in all the skills and such. Same with weapon cards.

Also, I can block out the health bars from 12 down to 7, but no lower than that. And can’t figure out how to put an x through them.

Any help is appreciated!

I didn’t use the Fillable Character sheet, but I did create something similar. I used the digital RPG book and copied the architype cards from the pages in there. I then took the regular character sheet and photoshopped the architype card into the spot for the character card. I printed them out on card stock and then laminated them. I use dry erase markers to add stats and such so I can add or subtract health and skills. I left the weapons slots open as those can change relatively frequently.

I’m figuring out that it’s not meant to be an interactive sheet.

for non robots i’d include the Improvised weapon attack

Yeah, its already on the sheet so I didn’t have to add it

I wonder if there is a table that lets me calculate the caps cost of a character depending on the stats…

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