Dice Stock/Availability UK

I know we can use regular dice, but I would love to have extra sets of the Conan special dice. Does anyone know where in the UK these are in stock or when they are likely to come back in to stock with Modiphius? Thanks

I know that a lot of the Conan books and resources have been in short supply. They do have a list of all the official stores that carry their products: https://www.modiphius.com/stockists.html
That being said, I live in the U.S. and the gaming store I shop at is my primary source of supplies for the game and it isn’t listed. I started asking my local store owner if he would check the distributor he uses periodically for me (and the other people in my game). Sometimes they can get stuff in that is otherwise unavailable and if they know you are looking for it they might order it anyway if they see it is available.

@Modiphius-Sam, small necromancy here:

Do you know if the Conan-branded dice will be back in stock soon?

Sorry, no ETA as of now. Everyone is gone to UKGE. I’ll check back with them when the con is over.

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I’ve got the Conan dice and they’re okay but when I backed John Carter I added multiple sets of dice as I think they’re much easier to read. I imagine you’ll find it easier to get those dice, they’re definitely worth a look.

Indeed they look good, but are with the specific markers for the game. I prefer to get the original one, despite the ridiculous price the company charges for all custom dice.

Any news in the availability?

I know this is a while since but there are deffinatley in stock now I ordered 3 sets last week.

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