Rule Question: Combat & Thread

Hello all!

I have a noob question. The Rules states that if an attack is made lethal, then add 1 Thread to the Thread Pool. The same in ship combat with Torpedoes. Is this rule only valid for the player characters? Or does the GM hast to spent one Thread if he attacks with a lethal attack (or with a Torpedo)? Thanks for answering it (hope its understandable, because reading english is easier than writing in english :smiley: )

This question has been asked a number of times through various threads, one recently being A Question about Threat.

This is listed on page 281 of the core book in the Threat section of the Gamemastering chapter. Basic answer: If players performing the action adds to threat, the same action used by NPCs by the Gamemaster uses threat.


No, it’s not PC only. p. 281 instructs that anything that PCs do that generates threat for the GM’s pool the GM has to pay for by spending threat from his pool.

Thanks for the answers :slight_smile: I am still learning the rules