Quick Question: Do Crew get Momentum when opponents use lethal attacks?

During our game last night, the crew were attacked by four unhinged Klingon warriors with Bat’leths from a different quantum reality. All of them were doing Lethal attacks. Given that if the Crew did that they’d be generating 1 Threat each per turn, and adversarial NPCs essentially use Threat like Momentum and vice versa, should the crew be getting +1 Momentum to the pool every time a Klingon attacks them?

It makes sense to me that the crew would be spurred on to greater acts of courage and skill because the Klingons clearly want to kill them, but I just wanted to check that this is correct before continuing.

A further related question I hadn’t thought of until now, assuming that the above is correct; if a crew member attacks a Klingon (non-lethally, of course) and the Klingon wins the opposed roll and elects to do Lethal damage, does that also add a Momentum?

Thanks in advance, and apologies if I’ve missed this somewhere as an already asked question.

When an NPC initiates a lethal attack the GM has to spend threat to do it.


PCs add to Threat, NPCs have to spend Threat. No Momentum is added to the player’s pool in this case.

This has been repeatedly asked and discussed (cf. e.g. here or here). I would especially recommend to read this post on how this “exchange of threat” boosts the story. In STA, players can de-escalate a fight by restraining themselves to non-lethal attacks (and, thus, dry out the GM’s threat supplies), which is, in essence pretty Trekky! :smiley:

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Recent dev blog on Momentum and Threat might help too.

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Thanks for all the responses on the first part of the question, sorry I missed the previous times it had been discussed.

I’m still not sure exactly how it works if you don’t initiate the attack, but I’m guessing you probably do have to generate/spend threat for that too, even if you didn’t initiate the action.


Yep, any time a lethal attack is made, threat needs to be adjusted accordingly