Question: Starship Shields

Hello, my first post on the forums here so please don’t to critical :slight_smile:.

I’m done with reading the rules for the first time and I’m confused by the shields rules.

For example a Constitution class ship would have a shield value of 9 based on the sum of the structure and security values. The D7 of the time has 11 damage dices when firing on the Constitution. Even if I roll medicore there is much more damage than the shields could even absorb.

So my quesion is if this is right and wanted or if I miss something.

Thank you in advance for your help

First of all the constitution has shields 11, cause you are missing the mission module, which add’s to the departments. Second of all the d7 does 9 damage dice with its disruptor cannons.
Third of all the constitution has resist 4.

Meaning that Resistance is subtracted from damage before it reduces shields. But yes, the expected damage is quite high. Luckily, you have some options to reduce the chance of getting hit. Also, you can recharge the shields during combat.

Hm, ok thank you, it means that breaches are already possible after being hit once?

It feels weird to what I have seen on screen.

It’s possible for a ship to suffer Breaches even while the shields are up, but the hit needs to do a lot of damage (5 after reduction from Resistance) to cause said Breach. The benefit of shields is that without them any damage suffered after Resistance reductions automatically causes a Breach.

Thank you.

Based on the damage dice value by ships it looks for me quite easy to get he breaches or so.
Even with resistance 5 or so when I can roll 9/11 dice with average 4 result I have much more damage than any shield could take.

Sure… but at the same time, individual breaches aren’t a huge problem. They’re the kinds of damage you’d expect from damage bleeding through the shields - the ship shakes, everyone wobbles around in their seats, rocks fall out of exploding consoles, etc. It’s several cumulative breaches that cause a problem, and that takes work (or a salvo of torpedoes at a vulnerable, unshielded target).

Now, a D7’s disruptors, rolling 9 dice with Vicious, you’re averaging 10.5 damage overall (one Challenge Dice with Vicious has an average result of 1.167). Subtract an average Constitution’s Resistance (4), and that’ll be 6.5 amage, enough to cause a Breach. That’s a minor inconvenience, but the Constitution is still in the fight, and they can spend actions to restore the shields some, or to boost resistance by tuning the shields, if defence is a concern.

You roll challenge dice. The average result on a damage dice is 0,83. With vicious 1 it is 1,16.
The d7 rolls 9 dice for its disruptor cannons, for average 11 damage, resisted by the Connies resistance of 4, so 7 damage to shields and 1 breach. And 4 shields left.
The engineer better restore some shields and fast.

Hm, now I’m confused. I thought per the rules the number on the die after the roll is the number of damage taken… So when I roll 11 dice and get the result of 27 this is 27 damage versus shields and resistance.

I will have to get back to the rules and see what I missed

Hm, I guess my error was I my damage assumption was based on Standard D6

The 2d20 system uses the special challenge die. It’s a d6 with 2 blank faces, 2 faces with an effect, and 1 face with a 1 and 1 face with a 2.
So when you roll damage for the d7 you roll 9 challenge die.
1s, and 2s count for that, effects always count for 1, plus activating the effect, in this example vicious 1, which adds 1 damage, so in effect effects count for 2. :slight_smile: Blanks count for 0.

If you are using D6 instead of Challenge Dice the results are as follows

1 1
2 2
3 -
4 -
5 1+Effect
6 1+Effect

Thank you all for your help. I think now I got it :slight_smile: