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Education - Military Training Question & Error

I just got Infinity during the DtRPG sale and have a question about Education Military Training.

The sidebar example character of character creation is indicated as getting a Knife with this type of Education but the chart on the same page doesn’t have Knife listed as Gear you get with this type of Education.

The Online Generator doesn’t include Knife as Gear for this type of Education.

Does the this type of Education include a Knife as Gear you get?


The online generator is at best unreliable, but works in a pinch, let’s be thankful there is one at all :slight_smile:

@Christoffer did all the work himself as I have come to understand it.

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the blue text was probably written before the writers and designers settled on the final gear lists for decision six and it probably wasn’t updated to reflect the change.

in any event, blue text is supposed to be illustrative. when in doubt, i’d go by the tables for the gear. and knives are cheap regardless. there is a post about errata for some stat blocks–don’t think this is something that would be errata’d, but you could keep an eye on that for updates just in case.

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Thanks, I saw the knife error also again on the page where the final pregen character is given.

I did find on the old forums an errata thread that I am surprised the info in wasn’t ported over to the new forums. The knife issue wasn’t on it but but it had some other errata in in it.

Bring them over :slight_smile:


Just made an errata thread and copied over all the old forums errata info into it.

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sweet. Ill check it out