Lifepath Career Events

There is much that is fun in Infinity but one of the things that has me going “hell yeah” repeatedly is both the lifepath character creation system (I would use the point option rather than random) and its Careers and Career Event system. I especially love how you can have up to four careers (though I could see expanding this if GM and players want) and also you can make a single career last longer, to represent spending longer time in service. The fact that each repeat gives an event roll is brilliant to.

While it does its own thing it heavily reminds me of Mechwarrior Third Edition in its career paths, a fact that brings a smile to my face as I have long wanted an updated version of that path.

Which leads me to wondering two things. Firstly, outside the core and faction books, are there any other career options for Infinity, including fan made. Secondly, has anyone thought of creating career specific ‘career event’ tables. Cause that would be super cool.

Anyway, I am so glad I got this as this system and tis options are great!

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I’ve neither done it or seen other do it. I’d be glad to see some homebrew for infinity. On paper it’s fairly simple to create careers, especially if you want to emulate units from the wargames since you have access to their Stateline, equipment and abilities for free with the army app.

As a side note, I’d say it depends on what kind of game you want to run but using the 12 life point for character creation can produce very powerful and specialized characters, which can be a problem for several reasons. First, it might be difficult to balance encounters for a newer gm. You will have very little threat to play with since the players will likely generate a lot of momentum by themselves. Second, it tends to create very specialized characters, and infinity is rarely a one dimensional game. Players might unknowingly cut themselves from entire parts of the game (“oh I suck outside of combat, better let other members handle this” might be a problem when scenarios go from investigation to social scene to hacking, to a car chase to a combat scene.
On the other hand you can produce the character you want with the random generation and its 5 life points. But you have to have a good handle on the life path system to understand which step are critical in the creation.