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Weapon/Item/Attack Quality reference cards

Hi all,

I recently ran through (most of) the quickstart adventure and one of the big problems my group encountered was that we didn’t remember, for example, what Vicious 1 or Parry 2 meant when doing combat, so I decided to make some reference cards.

Originally I was going to do them handwritten on index cards, but where’s the fun in that? In the end I created a template for Magic Set Editor and put together a complete set of reference cards from the Core book, in the PDF linked below.

I’ve double-checked them for mistakes, but if you spot any let me know. Also, as mentioned these are from the core set, if there are any additional qualities in the Haqq, Ariadna or PanO books, I don’t have access to them (yet).

Hopefully these help you guys as well :slight_smile:


Hello Bassios and welcome to the forum, thank for contributing, I’ve done a similar thing for my players but way less pretty!

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Ooh, nice work Bassios! Thanks for sharing them!

(And welcome to the forum!)

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That’s a great resource!

Weapon and Ammo qualities were one of the first things I had an issue with in the game, too. I did something similar with Realm Works. I entered in all the Core Book weapons, and all of the weapon qualities, so that you can click a link from a weapon and instantly read the description on them. For example, if you forget what “Expert” is on the combi-rifle, you can just click the link. It’s not much of a player-aid, but I can look things up really fast whenever a player has a question.


Thanks for the warm welcome, guys. :smiley:

I did try and make some images for the backs of the cards, but getting the fronts and backs to line up properly proved to be a nightmare so I gave up.

I like the idea of using Realm Works as a GM resource, I might have to look into that another time.


Lining up card front/backs is always a nightmare. One sort-of solution is, rather than a ‘full-back’ design, to use a smaller logo that fits roughly in the centre of the back of each card - that way, a bit of misalignment isn’t completely terminal. But there’s nothing wrong with blank backs! Especially for reference cards like these that will pretty much always be used face-up.

(I’m going to need to get some thicker card for printing these. And, just maybe, kick my colour printer repeatedly until it deigns to actually work again.)


I saw a post where a guy provided a design to make sturdy printed card with regular paper, the whole thing without glue. I’ll try to repost it here if someone is interested.

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so… how to reference card:

1: print card
2: sleeve printed card with a playing card

3: there is no 3, you’re done

you can get super cheapo sleeves too, commonly referred to as ‘penny’ sleeves as they are something like a dollar for 100


This is an amazing resource, i´d would like something as a wiki, but i find most of the properties hard to remember since there are many.

Most of them with Qualitative characteristics than Quantitative (numerical) this cards will help a lot so the players remember what it´s what and when to use it and what to expect.