Homebrew some rules advice please

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i’m a DM and me and my players like this system very much but my players like some things to be a bit different. In fact we use it for a more mundane way of play, so less powerfull characters, with more emphasys on skills and talents than attributes. This way they characters are more specialized and less heroic.

So i changed the XP cost of the Attributes making it more costly, we don’t use the standard character creation system but i gived them the base start number and some XP to spend during creation and so on, using some of ideas i found in the forum as well or getting it from other settings. For example we use a similar system for recovery Vigor and Resolve used in Infinity, so you don’t automatically restore them after any fight to get things a bit more gritty. Hey, they are happy so all good.

That works fine so far but my players will like to differentiate more the way they character fights like weapon skills and combat styles. I don’t want to get it over complicated so what do you think if i simply split the melee skill in more “weapon groups” and create some different talent trees?

Than make some additional talent tree not tied to the specific weapon groups but at some style like 2 weapon fighting, 2 handed weapon fighting, weapon and shield fighting and so on for extra stuff, based on players specifics characters.

I’ve few experience and i’d like to ask some suggestions, what do you think about it? Someone have already made something similar? Someone have other suggestions/ideas about it?

The same work will go for Ranged Weapons i suppose.

We don’t want to get something realistic, simply my players want more personalized way to kill things :sweat_smile:

Thank you for you time,


I will have to dig for the book but as I recall, the Game of Thrones RPG had specific weapon trees that gave additional bonuses when using that weapon. I feel like there might have been like 3 or 4 (ok, it might have been 5) levels for each. It might be something worth looking at.

Thank you for the suggestion, i’ll look into that.

If its allowed can you run through the Infinity system please.

Sorry, i don’t understand what you mean, my english is not very good.

‘For example we use a similar system for recovery Vigor and Resolve used in Infinity,’

You said this above. I was wondering if you could give some more information about that rule.
Assuming it’s ok to share.
I don’t own those rules.

I re-formatted (and added some additional explanatory text) the Infinity recovery rules so that they were a little bit easier to parse. This is how they work.

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Thank you.:+1: