Sand and Dust pdf

I believe the pdf should be put to preorders,
So if you preorder you should get one right away.

If you have a copy, tell me what you think! :slight_smile:


It was a nice surprise seeing it in the mail!

@Andy-Modiphius , will there be an Errata thread for Sand and Dust?

I’m hoping we won’t need one, but we’ll update the errata with anything important.
Feel free to note things and ask questions here.

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Well, I’ve noticed some typos on the first pages (e.g. “Richesse” instead of “Richese” and the like). Maybe we could collect them somewhere?

Sure, you can collect here. Good to find more although this book has had so many passes.
We’ll not tend to put typos in to an errata though, just mistakes that confuse the rules and setting.

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Downloaded it as soon as I got the e-mail. Didn’t have time to read it all (and frankly I prefer reading paper than a screen) but it looks very solid!

Sorry as I’m not trying to be disingenuous about it but wouldn’t it be helpful to compile all the typos and errors we may find in the advance copy?

Maybe they could be corrected when it goes to print and the book turns up even greater that it seems to be. :slight_smile:

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We would, and they are good to know possibly for a future print run, but we’re a little behind on this one and with shipping being such a nightmare at the moment it’s already at the printers. :slight_smile:

Oh… OK. Thanks for your time in answering me.

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I pre-ordered and got the PDF right away… pre-order with confidence… this will massively inform my session tomorrow! It is bursting with solid ideas.

The adventure at [REDACTED], and the description of Carthag assume Sandworms within the Shieldwall…

This is a little at odds with the First Book’s finale! I’ll conjure up a reason in my Chronicle in 10,171… but was this unexpected. Any insight on to why… apart from it being more exciting and dangerous?

i suppose a crashed load of Raw Spice with viable sand plantkton . sand trout would eventually give rise to worms within… but the new Book doesn’t explain this variation from the lore.

PAGE 8: The First letter in the opening paragraph, the illuminated A, is enormous and obscures several lines. Also found at 34, 66, 90, and 134.

I also found this in the latest core book downloads at pages 2, 16, 142, 162, 190, 240, 308. The first letter in the first sentence on each pages is enormous.

I raised this issue with Modiphius a week or two ago. The big letters at the start of chapters are OK using Acrobat, but not with some other PDF viewer (eg. Foxit)

Yup, we’re usually covered with acrobat and a fair few other readers but we can’t check all of them I’m afraid.

Well, I use acrobat, so there goes that theory.

So what is the fix for it? Can it be repaired by slightly altering something in the source code?

We’ll have a look and double check the final sale version again, but the version I have works in acrobat, and we’re not using some special or non-standard version of acrobat.
I’d recommend making sure you are on the latest version and/or checking the file isn’t corrupt by downloading it again.

Sand and Dust is out in the wild and roaming the deserts of Arrakis freely.

You can find the pdf on Drivethrurpg and the hardcopy will be making its way to preorder customers and retailers as we speak.

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Good timing, wondered if this had been released…

Skimming through the PDF right now, not seeing that aforementioned huge word issue, using PDF-Xchange Viewer.

Noticed that Paul’s Jihad is referred to as Jihad early on in the book, and later film-style Great Crusades. Deliberate or was the intent to pick one or the other?

Sadly we can’t check it against every pdf viewer, but you should find it works on all the main ones. I appreciate thats a pain if the one you mainly use isn’t one of them.

Great Crusade and Jihad are mostly interchangeable, but it also depends who you are talking to. Coup and insurrection are also popular in some quarters. :slight_smile: