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Does anyone know what has changed in the updated version that just released today?

Or is there an official errata somewhere to document the changes?

Haha, my bad. It’s in the file.

Haha, I had to search to make sure there wasn’t the word “dishonoured” within the pdf itself!

How much has changed?

Changes to 27 pages of the book.

Other than fixing grammar has anything been added?

Nope. More like clarifications, such as:

You may only have a number of Void points equal to your Void point maximum. Any excess points are immediately lost. You begin the game with a Void point maximum of 3.

Critical Success: You treat one of your dice as if it had rolled a 1 with a focus (even if you don’t have one that applies), giving you 2 automatic successes.

“…each focus must have a rating of at least two, and no more than five.”

Piero’s Spiritual Remedy is listed as an item

I found the new v2 pdf very helpful, it cleared all the confusion from before. Giving us a clear explanation of how the stress track is erased at the end of a combat scene. You may have had to take a Truth to lower damage inflicted on your stress track, and this injury would heal within a day or so, Gm decision.
A first aid roll with Study + Cleverly could patch up the wound, or remove the Truth causing the penalty.

The adding of Rune costs for Void powers puts the game in the same playing field as the video game.

All in all, very pleased with the speed the changes came, Dishonored deserves this. Looking forward to see how the gameline evolves

That makes me very happy!